Samsung Launches The New Galaxy A03 Core Color Options

Samsung has launched the new Bora Purple color option for the Galaxy S22 and the fantastic color combinations for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 Bespoke Edition. The company is attempting to attract the market with additional color options, and this strategy has reached even the low-cost smartphone segment.

Samsung has just introduced three new color options for the Galaxy A03 Core. This low-cost device was released in India and the global market in January 2022 in two matte color options: black and blue.

Samsung launched a new color option for the Galaxy A03 Core, including black, copper, and green. For now, these color options are only available for the Brazil market.

Regardless of this limited availability, adding three new color options to a 7-month-old low-cost Galaxy device is not something we expected Samsung to do. We’re guessing that the Galaxy A03 Core is quite successful in Brazil for Samsung to apply its new colorful strategy to it.

By now, the idea that Samsung might release additional color options for even more Galaxy devices sounds plausible, so we’ll keep an eye out and let you know if there’s more happening on this front.

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