YouTube Offers a Tool Makes Any Video a TikTok-like Short

YouTube is now offering a new tool to help creators turn regular videos into Shorts, announced in a community update. When you upload an original video, you will see a new tool under “Create” called “Edit into a Short” right inside the main app. The tool allows you to edit up to 60 seconds of the video and bring it directly into the Shorts editor, and creators can add text filters or other video, then upload it as a Short.

After the video has been processed, there will be a “Created from” link at the bottom of the video. This feature can be used as a promo tool for the main video, helping drive views and engagement. The feature will only work on your original video, unlike Cut, which lets you remix content from any video.

TikTok has succeeded as the top social media network today. Other social media tries to compete with this platform by providing better video-based content as Instagram did. TikTok arguably less threatens YouTube as it offers longer-form content that draws a different audience.

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