WhatsApp Update Allows Admins Delete Messages for Everyone

Over the past few months, WhatsApp has been testing the upcoming features. Today, this messaging app launches a feature that gives admins control over a group to group administrators; they will have the ability to delete messages for everyone.

This feature is tested on WhatsApp beta v2.22.17.12, and the company promises to launch this update soon. There’s another feature that will allow a chatbot to deliver in-app announcements. These in-app announcements will be available in the new WhatsApp update. Of course, this feature will give tips and tricks to users to improve their WhatsApp experience.

When the admin deletes any message, the members can see the admin has deleted a message sent by another member of the group. However, the in-app announcement feature is still a work in progress. Unfortunately, these upcoming features will be available on Android devices at this time.

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