Galaxy S23 Ultra Will be Powered By ISOCELL HP2 Sensor With 0.60μm Pixels

Many rumors said that Samsung would use the next-gen camera in the upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra flagship phone. Industry watchers predict that the company won’t adopt the existing ISOCELL HP1 or ISOCELL HP3 sensors but a new camera technology that the company hasn’t announced yet.

According to leaks @UniverseIce, this new flagship will use a 200MP sensor and an ISOCELL HP2. However, Samsung hasn’t announced more details.

The ISOCELL HP1 and HP3 have 0.64μm and 0.56μm pixels, and some sources speculate if the ISOCELL HP2 sensor will have 0.60μm pixels.

The wildest rumor that we can see, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra may feature a 450MP camera, although it sounds a bit too much to be true. Some information also said that the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s zoom camera might miss out on upgrades.

Whatever the case, the high probability of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra upgrade is that this flagship will have a primary camera with a higher-resolution sensor above 108MP. Still, now it seems dedicated to setting an example and crushing its rivals in the numbers game.

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